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Ductwork & Related Items
We specialize in ductwork and related fittings for all sizes of commercial projects.
Ductwork and Related Items
  • Low/med/high pressure duct

  • Lined/insulated duct (1/2 - 2 inch)

  • Rectangular and spiral ducts

  • Fittings, elbows, transitions

  • Off sets, and flex connectors



Grease duct (fully welded) is a duct that is specifically designed to vent grease-laden vapors from commercial cooding equipment such as stoves, pizza ovens, deep fryers, and woks to the outside of a building or mobile food preparation trailer.



  • Dust collection systems

  • Exhause duct (dishwasher, fume, etc)

  • Hoods - Commercial, stainless, fume

  • Drain pans

  • Dampers

  • Roof curbs, curb caps and adapters



Ductwork Fabrication Methods

  • Slip and drive

  • Snaplock seam

  • Pittsburg lock seam

  • TDC / Ductmate

  • Fully welded

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